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Find out how MBM can help with COVID-19

Safeguard your patrons and employees through our expert electrostatic sanitization service, confirmed to eradicate COVID-19 on surfaces. Prioritize safety by getting in touch with our professionals.

Reliable and Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

Whether it’s routine janitorial upkeep or specialized sanitation endeavors, our unwavering dedication, exceptional quality, and meticulous attention extend to every project we undertake.

General Services

Comprehensive interior maintenance for an enhanced workspace. We cover janitorial tasks, floor restoration, and more.

Exterior Services

Preserve your facility's aesthetic and structure with our varied exterior services, from landscaping to pressure washing.

Environmental Services

Adopt sustainable practices with our green cleaning solutions, energy efficiency, and recycling programs.

Why Us?

As a family business, we value relationships and adapt our services to meet your unique needs.

Customized Service

Our family business prioritizes your needs, offering personalized services based on your preferences.

Flexible Contracts

Operate round-the-clock, adapting our services to your schedule, ensuring minimal disruptions.

Eco-friendly Products

We exclusively use Green Seal certified products that are safe, natural, and biodegradable.

Consistent Quality

Our committed team and effective scheduling systems ensure a high standard across all services.

Transparent Pricing

We provide clear proposals detailing service scope and exact cost, avoiding unexpected surprises.

Trustworthy Staff

Our team, known for their reliability, respects your privacy and handles sensitive waste responsibly.

We're Located in Sacramento, California

Explore opportunities at our various sites, spread strategically across Northern California to serve you better.

“MBM Facility Services, Inc. provides top-notch maintenance solutions. Their eco-friendly approach and excellent team have greatly improved our facility. Highly recommended.”
Gary Chernyetsky
CEO, Modern Construction Group, Inc.

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